Monday Night: “Cartoon Dump!”

It’s August and hot as hell, and that means it’s time for another steaming pile of crappy cartoons from your inconsiderate friends at Cartoon Dump. There’s also sketches, stand up comedy, puppets and songs to ease the poorly animated pain. Join us: TV’s Frank Conniff as Moodsy, the Clinically Depressed Owl, Erica Doering as Compost Brite, J. Elvis Weinstein as Dumpster Diver Dan, Kristin Ariggo as Cue Card Goddess – plus special guest comedians Jackie Kashian, Brian Kiley and Hannah Gansen. I will be there as your humble host and the show’s co-producer.

Showtime is 8pm Monday night, August 27th, at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood California (4773 Hollywood Blvd; two blocks west of Vermont), and tickets can be purchased at the door or online here. Join our FaceBook Event page for more information and updates.

(Art above by Thom Foolery)