Last Saturday the town of Taylor, Texas held their first-ever Tex Avery Day in honor of their hometown animation hero. They hope to turn it into an annual event. Cartoon Brew reader Matthew Kordelski attended and has written a comprehensive report of everything that he saw. A bunch of photos were also taken by Drew DeGennaro, some of which are posted below.

The attendees ate Tex Avery cake (click for closer view):

They unveiled a Texas state historical marker dedicated to their hero (click for closer view):

They handed out buttons (click for closer view):

They invited a Tex Avery impersonator:

They had costumed Looney Tunes characters—two of which Avery had nothing to do with, but it’s the thought that counts (click for closer view):

There were back-alley shenanigans (photo by Joe O’Connell):

They watched this documentary about Avery and then watched a bunch of cartoons that were not directed by Avery…oops!(click for closer view):

A mural of Tex Avery was created by artist Tim Kerr and painted by the youth group Project LOOP.

Personally, I might have chosen a more recognizable shot of Avery, but the mural is indeed based on an existing photo of Avery:

Here is a video about the making of the mural:

All in all, it looks like a good time was had by all, and the festivities couldn’t have been in honor of a more worthy individual!

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