6 Comedy Lessons that Chuck Jones Learned From Tex Avery

In this 1980 tribute to legendary animation director Tex Avery, fellow legendary director Chuck Jones shared six lessons that he learned about comedy from working with Avery in the 1930s. The advice remains essential to animation director working today.

25 Cartoonists You Should Know

For the past few days on Cartoon Brew’s Instagram account, we’ve been running a series called 25 Cartoonists You Should Know. The entire series is below, and yes, the list could easily be twice as long and still incomplete.

Everything That Happened During Tex Avery Day

Last weekend the town of Taylor, Texas held their first-ever Tex Avery Day in honor of their hometown animation hero. Here is a look at what happened.

“Jerky Turkey” by Tex Avery

It’s Thanksgiving so let’s enjoy “Jerky Turkey,” a classic 1945 MGM short directed by the one and only Tex Avery.

Everything We Do Is Animation

This video of plane landings by Cy Kuckenbaker has been quite the sensation this week, amassing over 1.7 million views…

72 Years Ago Today: Bugs Bunny Was Born

Seventy-two years ago today – on July 27th, 1940 – Bugs Bunny appeared in Tex Avery’s A Wild Hare. The Warner Bros. short is widely …

More MGM Model Sheets

More from that cache of vintage MGM model sheets obtained by Mike Van Eaton. I don’t think these have been reprinted, or are on any other …

Tex Avery Tattoo

Tex Avery tats spotted on line at Disney World. You know what? “I’m happy!” (Thanks, Uncle Wayne)

French TV coverage of Tex Avery’s passing

Unlike the United States, the French considered Tex Avery a genius in his time. When he passed away (8/26/80), the French mourned – and …