TrashCan Roxanne Reviews the Ottawa Animation Festival

TrashCan Roxanne

Jerry and I both attended the Ottawa International Animation Festival and, like everyone else, had a wonderful time. Everyone that is except for Canadian animation artist Roxanne Ducharme who had a miserable week and tweeted every moment of the excruciating experience on her grouchily named Twitter account TrashCan Roxanne. Here’s a list of all the things she hated and why.

The film selections:

Watching films at #OIAF is like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer. It feels good when it stops.

The festival’s artistic director:

New levels of pompousness from Chis Robinson have been reached tonight.

The films again:

Those films will suck the life out of you #oiaf #fail #ineedadrink

The closing awards ceremony:

No class watsoever here at the closing ceremony #oiaf #fail #chisrobinson

The parties:

Getting ready for another day of torture here at the Ottawa animation film festival. Even the parties are not that great.

Even more films:

I already let out a loud “F*ck” after one of the worst film today… @LittleAnimation was proud of me.

And apparently everybody else attending the festival:

In Ottawa with a bunch of lunatics

(Thanks, Dick O’Connor)