“Hamar” by Sara Gunnarsdottir “Hamar” by Sara Gunnarsdottir

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Sara Gunnarsdottir just graduated from CalArts with a masters degree in experimental animation. This spring Gunnarsdottir has been working with Icelandic musician Kira Kira on her new album, Feathermagnetic, making concert visuals and music videos based on her sound. This stunning video, taken from her work, was edited to the song Hamar. Turn the volume up.

I asked Gunnarsdottir to explain how this film came to be – and how she created it. She said:

“Originally I created the loops as visuals for Kira Kira’s concerts, and she has already performed using them in Moscow and Tokyo; next up, her concert in Berlin July 8th. For that concert the visual piece lasts for 47 minutes – the total length of the album. I decided to use the bulk of the visuals for a shorter piece, a more music video-type version, Hamar. The loops are hand drawn on paper and then colored in photoshop. I used the same loops more then once, in most cases, to make different cycles or various movements within After Effects. It was both fun and surprising experimenting with the effects and blending modes in AE.”

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