Wolfwalkers Wolfwalkers

A trailer has arrived for Wolfwalkers, the anticipated feature from Tomm Moore, the Oscar-nominated director of The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea, and his Irish studio Cartoon Saloon. Moore’s co-director is Ross Stewart.

The one-minute teaser is launching ahead of the film’s premiere at Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday; after that, it will have a theatrical run, followed by a debut on Apple TV+ later this year.

Watch the trailer and read the official synopsis below:

In a time of superstition and magic, a young apprentice hunter, Robyn Goodfellowe, journeys to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last wolf pack. While exploring the forbidden lands outside the city walls, Robyn befriends a free-spirited girl, Mebh, a member of a mysterious tribe rumored to have the ability to transform into wolves by night. As they search for Mebh’s missing mother, Robyn uncovers a secret that draws her further into the enchanted world of the “Wolfwalkers” and risks turning into the very thing her father is tasked to destroy.

The trailer fleshes out the unusual bond between Robyn and Mebh. It showcases the lush autumnal forest landscapes in which much of the story is set, and teases the loose expressionistic style the film uses to depict the wolves’ perspective (which a work-in-progress presentation at this year’s Annecy revealed in more detail). We also see how the film preserves in some places a loose clean-up line reminiscent of the xerography-assisted Disney features, like One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

Wolfwalkers is the fourth feature from Cartoon Saloon, and Apple’s first original animated feature. Melusine Productions in Luxembourg co-produced the film; the producers are Paul Young, Nora Twomey, Moore, and Stéphan Roelants. Apple is partnering with theatrical distributors around the world, including Gkids in North America, to bring the film to theaters before it lands on Apple TV+.