Here’s our first-look at Phantom Boy, the follow-up feature from Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol, the directors of the 2010 feature A Cat in Paris:

Phantom Boy has been described as a fantasy/crime thriller in which a hospitalized boy who has the ability to move around as an invisible phantom helps a cop and reporter track down a notorious gangster in New York City. Audrey Tautou (Amélie) is one of the headlining voices.

The €5.5 million-budgeted project is produced by French studio Folimage in partnership with Belgium’s Lunanime. It will be released by Diaphana in France on October 14, 2015, and has been picked up for distribution in a number of European countries as well as the Middle East. No U.S. distributor has been announced yet, although GKIDS was the American distributor of Felicioli and Gagnol’s earlier feature A Cat in Paris.

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