A little late to the party here, but Krrish 3 is a 2013 Bollywood film with batshit insane vfx scenes.

It’s loads of fun to see a superhero film that embraces its cartooniness and uses vfx to do silly, unbelievable things, like having a superhero make a u-turn underground while in the midst of battle or a villain attack with a comically long tongue. While from a technical standpoint, the vfx in Krrish 3 may not reach up to Hollywood standards, from a creative standpoint, it’s pure win.

The film is also notable for being among the first vfx-heavy Indian films produced entirely in India. “Krrish 3 is our first homegrown high-budget vfx superhero film and there is absolutely zero involvement of the foreign technicians,” said Hrithik Roshan, the star of the film. (His father, Rakesh Roshan, directed the film.) “Though we always had pool of talent, what was lacking was a right opportunity given to them to prove their caliber. Somebody who could show faith in them that they can do it.”

The film’s vfx were led by Mumbai-based RedChillies VFX at a cost of $3.9 million. Other Indian studios like Pixion also contributed. There’s a Krrish 4 scheduled for 2018.

Here’s a few highlights:

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