<em>Monster Safari</em> Heads to the Bigscreen <em>Monster Safari</em> Heads to the Bigscreen
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Monster Safari Heads to the Bigscreen

Monster Safari

Awesome news from The Hollywood Reporter: Monster Safari, a project created by the boys at LA-based Screen Novelties–Mark Caballero, Chris Finnegan and Seamus Walsh–is being turned into a stop-motion feature by the Jim Henson Co. Craig Zobel and Matt Chapman, creators of Homestarrunner.com, are scripting the feature. According to THR, the story “revolves around what happens when the Earth’s monsters come out of hiding and a pair of bumbling crypto-zoologists spring into action to save them from a ruthless big-game hunter.”

I’m really excited about this! It’s rare to see stop-motion animation that is as cartoony, energetic, and fun as what they do at Screen Noveltiess, and their cartoons are never anything less than super appealing and entertaining. I can’t wait to see them show off their stuff in a full-length film.

Check out some images posted on their blog from the original Monster Safari short. Below is one of the studio’s earliest shorts, Mysterious Mose, made in 1999:

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