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Monsters vs. Aliens: The Twitter Reviews

Monster vs Aliens

I’m still on the fence about whether I’ll subject myself to Monsters vs. Aliens, but I’ve been getting a kick from reading other people’s thoughts about the film on Twitter. The usefulness of a service like Twitter is in its aggregation of opinions, while its 140-character limit forces users to boil down their thoughts into a clear opinion. You can keep up with a steady stream of average moviegoer’s thoughts by looking at the following search results: “Monsters vs Aliens” and “MVA”.

Here is a random selection of Twitters about MvA:

gobzero Saw Monsters vs Aliens tonight. It was pretty damn funny!

jttiki MvA was better than I thought it would be, but it ain’t Pixar.

mattholley Went and saw Monsters vs Aliens…hilarious! I love a good animated flick

michaelkwan Just got back from Monsters vs. Aliens. The 3D made for a fun movie experience.

hownottowrite MvA: The real sad thing is that the jokes in the trailers are funnier than they are in the movie. Dang, and I thought I was a bad writer…

kmvassey Back from MvA. It was great, and the 3D was really good. Definitely the best 3D I’ve seen from any film or ride yet. Good stuff. :)

FyodorFish Glad I saw MvA at a advance screening then. Don’t know if I’d pay that much to see MvA.

linuxrebel MvA was so funny at so many levels kid and adult. You gotta go.

Ske7ch MvA was cute. Superb animation but character development was lacking. Oh well, it’s just a kids’ movie.

shdowchsr Monsters vs. Aliens was fun. I suspect that most people had no idea why what they were laughing at was funny.

KuraFire Monsters vs. Aliens is fun, but not very polished. Lip sync was mediocre; lot of missed opportunities for jokes; too high a Disney factor.

crossstreet monsters vs aliens. good movie. lots of geek reference, esp liked part with a missile saying “ET go Home” soundtrack at the time was from ET

dylanthunter MvA gets my seal of approval, very entertaining… the last 5 mins were sorta wtf but sshh… that’s just b/w me and the internet

jesusnerd4ever really enjoyed Monsters vs Aliens. I totally think everyone should see it!

fynesy Dreamworks latest movie (MvA): good fun. Seeing it on IMAX in 3D.. Amazing…

And, of course, our very own jerrybeck: Saw MvA. Here’s my first impression. The good news: The art direction is superb. The bad news: There are no laughs. A major disappointment.