Samuel Goldwyn Films has released a trailer for the R-rated 2D feature Nerdland, which will arrive in U.S. theaters on December 6.

Nerdland marks the feature directorial debut of Chris Prynoski, whose studio Titmouse (Metalocalypse, Motorcity, Son of Zorn) produced the project. In the film, slacker pals Paul Rudd and Patton Oswalt portray a struggling actor and screenwriter who hatch a plan to achieve-instant fame by the end of the day at all costs.

Watching this trailer, it’s interesting to note how quickly Sausage Party has influenced the rest of the feature animation biz. The beginning of the Nerdland trailer, which contrasts the high-profile voice actors with the raunchy comedy that follows is an idea borrowed directly from this Sausage Party promo:

While Nerdland is an indie film with no major studio backing and won’t come anywhere near the almost-$100 million domestic gross of Sony’s Sausage Party, it’s no surprise that Samuel Goldwyn would want to follow the playbook of the Sony film. Sausage Party had an absolutely brilliant marketing campaign that successfully sold an R-rated cg cartoon to the mainstream masses, something that no exec in Hollywood had previously thought possible. You can expect other studios to take bits and pieces from the Sausage Party advertising campaign (not to mention film itself) for years to come.

Nerdland marks the fourth R-rated animated feature to receive a significant release in the United States within the last year. The others are the aforementioned Sausage Party, as well as Anomalisa and the limited event-style release of Batman: The Killing Joke.

The Titmouse film is scheduled to hit VOD about a month after its theatrical release, so if you want to see it on the bigscreen, plan to check it out sometime in December.

Nerdland poster.

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