“Sandman” opening titles “Sandman” opening titles
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“Sandman” opening titles

This past Monday we posted the trailer for Germany’s new stop mo feature, The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams. Delighted by the positive comments it recieved, co-director Sinem Sakaoglu has sent us the first four minutes of the film and a little bit of info about the title sequence:

“It is an homage to the TV Sandman and the sand dreams are made of! Thus the more limited animation and the variations on the famous title song of the series. We also wanted to celebrate handcraft. One might say we took it too literally, but the hands appearing are really the hands of the animators who animated those shots. Pretty much everything was done in camera for this sequence, including the animation of the sand on glass. We did composite some layers together digitally though. Three very talented animators worked on the title sequence: Fritz Penzlin, Bernhard Schmitt, Dobrin Yanev. The clip also includes the opening shot of the film. Hope you enjoy it!”