<em>Secret of Kells</em> In The News <em>Secret of Kells</em> In The News
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Secret of Kells In The News

Secret of Kells

Today’s New York Times has an article about the surprise Oscar nomination of Secret of Kells. There are some fascinating details in the article about the grassroots campaign to get the film nominated:

GKIDS was aided by a “superfan,” Jamie Bolio, an animator who had fallen in love with the film at Edinburgh. The company essentially enabled her to be a citizen publicist, allowing her to post on “The Secret of Kells” Facebook page and giving her 200 DVDs to distribute to the Los Angeles cartooning industry.

Also, if you’ve seen the film and want to understand all of its historical references and settings, I can recommend no finer article than this in-depth analysis by Robert Tan posted on Roger Ebert’s blog.