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'Glucose' Jeron Braxton 'Glucose' Jeron Braxton

Celebrated animator Jeron Braxton will make his feature directorial debut with the upcoming animated monster movie Slime. The filmmaker is teaming up with singer and Entergalactic creator Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi, who will produce and star in the film.

Braxton, an Indianapolis-based filmmaker/musician, is self-taught and typically crafts his work independently. We’re longtime fans of Braxton’s work at Cartoon Brew, and have debuted two of his films on the site, Glucose and Plant Room.

Speaking with Nylon at the opening of his Beverly Hills “Ouroboros” art show in August, Braxton explained:

I make the art for myself, first and foremost. And I love it, you know? When you hear me say I think I’m the greatest artist to ever live or whatever the case may be, it’s ’cause that’s just how I feel. I’m making the art I want to see first, and I’m just happy that it feels like the world is becoming more receptive to what I have to put down.

More recently, Braxton talked to Deadline about Slime, explaining:

I’m extremely excited to bring Slime to life and super appreciative to everyone around me who helped make this possible. Animation has always been an opportunity for me to shift perspective on issues affecting Americans and, more explicitly, the black diaspora, and now we can use the genre of horror and cutting-edge technology to create an insane evolution for the medium.

Slime is written and executive produced by Brian Ash, a producer on The Boondocks and writer for Black Dynamite! According to Deadline, the film is “a classic monster movie decked out in fashion-forward video game skins that are wickedly satirical, scary as hell, and trippy AF.”

A synopsis in the Deadline article reads:

In a not-too-distant but all-too-dystopian future, Muna, an optimistic but broke young woman, signs up for a paid medical trial. Hope turns to horror when she is unknowingly injected with a foreign creature’s slime and begins to have visions she does not understand and unleash destructive powers she cannot control.

Hunted and desperate, Muna kidnaps Glenn, a lab worker from the mega-corporation who injected her. Together, they go on a terrifying odyssey in search of refuge and a cure. But is it already too late to stop her from evolving into a monster, a post-human savior, or something in between?

Slime is produced by Mescudi’s label Mad Solar, Hammerstone Studios, and Capstone Global. Mescudi produces alongside Karina Manashil, Dennis Cummings, Aaron Bergman, Alex Lebovici, and Jon Oakes. Joining Ash as executive producers are Christian Mercuri, Courtney Chenn, and Waylin Lin.

According to Mescudi:

I’m always looking for what’s new and always trying to elevate what we know about music, film, tv, and animation. Jeron is a powerhouse creative at the forefront of culture, pushing boundaries with everything he does. I’m grateful to have him on the team and am ready to see him bring Slime to life. Mad Solar, we here.

Pictured at top: Glucose

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