It’s only fitting that an amazing first season of CB Fest concludes today with an amazing film: Jeron Braxton’s Glucose (United States, 2017), a stylish cgi meditation on race and identity in 21st century America.

With a visual aesthetic inspired by internet and video game culture, Braxton employs low-poly and glitch-art aesthetics, not just in design but also in animation style, to create a surreal journey through the dream of a video game character who has been K.O.’d during a match. As its title Glucose may suggest, the imagery is presented as a cheery and colorful confection, but as the film progresses, the line between dream and nightmare begin to blur.

Braxton, an Indianapolis, Indiana-based filmmaker/musician, is self-taught and his productions, like Glucose, are crafted largely by himself. He shares some thoughts on the film and his process through our visual essay below. Be sure to share the short via Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook, spreading the word about independent animation.

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03 Animatic_new04 Internet
06 Resonate
08 Design09 Musician_new10 Mobile
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Tunde Vollenbroek

Tunde Vollenbroek

Tunde Vollenbroek is a writer at Cartoon Brew, focusing on issues related to professional development. She is currently the head of programming at KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, and a producer at Studio Pupil.

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