“The Lion of Judah” opens today “The Lion of Judah” opens today
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“The Lion of Judah” opens today

For those keeping track, Rocky Mountain Pictures is opening The Lion of Judah in limited U.S. release today – and I understand they may qualify it for an Oscar. We reported on this flick two years ago but I don’t think we posted the new trailer (above).

Variety just reviewed it, calling it:

…a poorly animated, anthropomorphic animal-slapstick farce that just happens to take place during the crucifixion of Christ… the juxtaposition of pratfalls and fart jokes with the solemn depiction of the torture and execution of the Son of God makes for a truly bizarre experience, and one that some might find borderline objectionable.

Oh my! The film opens in 2D in Orlando Florida, Vancouver BC and Ontario California (AMC Ontario Mills 30) and other locations this weekend, and supposedly in 3D a few weeks later. If anyone is brave enough to see it, let us know how it goes.