Feature Film

The Ten Commandments


For those who thought Happily N’Ever After was the weakest CG film of the year, or for you who think the upcoming Beowulf or Alvin and the Chipmunks are a desecration of the originals, I give you: The Ten Commandments.

It opens in movie theatres on October 19th from Promenade Pictures and it’s begining to get some publicity coverage. Check out the trailer (and be sure to check the “sizzle reel”). I know the people behind this film mean well, and their intentions are pure, but honestly, Elliot Gould as the voice of God?

There’s some money behind this. They got Ed Naha (Honey I Shrunk The Kids) to write the screenplay, Frank Yablans (former president of Paramount Pictures) to excutive produce, and a voice cast including Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina — and Christian Slater as Moses. I just wish they had put some of that money into the visuals.

These are the people who did that horrendous CG animated Ben Hur on TBN (narrated by Charlton Heston) a few years back. Unlike that film, this one is getting a big-deal theatrical release. And it doesn’t stop here. The production company, Epic Stories From The Bible, is currently in production on Noah’s Ark. I have no doubt these films make a ton of money, but I sincerely wish they looked better. A lot better.