Ever wondered about all the steps involved in producing a 2d animated tv series?

Owen Dennis, the creator of Cartoon Network’s new series Infinity Train, which has alternately been described as “Snowpiercer but with video games” and “as crazy as Alice and Wonderland,” has created a super-handy flowchart to explain how the show’s crew makes each 11-minute episode of the show:

Infinity Train production pipeline
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As Dennis pointed out in a follow-up tweet, “There’s actually a lot more that goes into each one of these steps too: checking things with execs, running things past supervisors, checking with legal and S&P [standards and practices], all kinds of stuff.”

He also added that this process varies from studio to studio, production to production, and technique to technique. Nevertheless, many of these same steps are involved in the majority of tv productions, and this chart is one of the best overviews we’ve seen of the contemporary tv production process.

Infinity Train unveiled its first season of 10 episodes last August. The first season followed Tulip Olsen, a programming-savvy teen girl who ends up on an endless train where each new car opens a portal to a new universe.

The show’s second season (“Book 2”) will debut on January 6, 2020.

Amid Amidi

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