Animation Writing Roundup

The most interesting writing and interviews about animation can no longer be found in any particular magazine; rather it’s spread out across the entire Web. Finding it is often the biggest challenge so I’m going to do my part and try to share more frequently the worthwhile pieces that I discover online. Here’s a few to start off with.

Marlon Brando

Animation director Mark Mayerson asks “Where’s Animation’s Brando? and then he expands on that thought. Director Michael Sporn offers his personal answer to the question. It’s a thought-provoking read from both.

Tale of How

This is a nice interview with artist Ree Treweek. She’s a member of the South African collective The Blackheart Gang, which produced the mesmerizing animated short The Tale of How.

Norman McLaren

One of my favorite cultural commentators, Momus, looks at the results of last week’s elections in Scotland and its implications for Scottish independence through the prism of the country’s most famous animation artist, Norman McLaren.

John Kricfalusi

John K interviews can get kind of repetitive, especially when the interviewer asks the same old questions, but Aaron Simpson of the indispensable Cold Hard Flash manages to get some good stuff out of John in this recent interview. John’s ideas about his personal animation school curriculum are quite inspiring, if not quite fully developed, and point out just how much is missing from contemporary animation curriculums.