Top Three Animated Films on YouTube and Vimeo Top Three Animated Films on YouTube and Vimeo

Top Three Animated Films on YouTube and Vimeo

Hadn’t checked in a while and was curious to see what the most viewed pieces of animation on YouTube and Vimeo currently are. The results are, erm, fascinating and quite reflective of the audiences who use each site. It should be pointed out that Muto, the most viewed piece of animation on Vimeo (3.5 million views) has significantly more views (8.8 million) on YouTube. In other words, good animation does get recognized on YouTube as well, but you have to wade through a lot of trash to get to it.

From a user standpoint, I no longer find it possible to discover new animators or films on YouTube unless someone sends a direct link. Vimeo’s community features are easier to use, and the number of users is still small enough to encourage browsing and discovery. I hope they find ways to maintain the sense of intimacy and community as they scale upward.

Top Animation on YouTube
1. Tootin’ Bathtub Baby Cousins – 151.1 million views

2. Intro La casa de Mickey Mouse – 123 million views

3. The Gummy Bear Song – 115.2 million views

Top Animation on Vimeo

1. Muto – 3.5 million views

2. The Third & The Seventh – 3.2 million views

3. The Crisis of Credit Visualized – 2.5 million