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Artist of the Day: Marlo Meekins

Marlo Meekins’s observational, drawing and painting skills are exceptional. She fantastically distorts specific shapes and forms of peoples’ bodies to Basil Wolverton extremes. Her sense of humor and fearlessness in execution are equally responsible for the humorous, grotesque, appeal of her work.

Marlo Meekins

She has an older blog with many oil paintings and drawings, and a more frequently updated Tumblr with more of her comics and short gag cartoons.

Marlo Meekins

Live drawing as a caricature artist is a form of performance itself, so it isn’t a stretch that Marlo has expanded her artistic output to live-action videos and, more recently, Vine pieces.

Marlo Meekins Marlo Meekins Marlo Meekins Marlo Meekins