Classic LA Cartoonist Photos

Ward Kimball

Earlier this week, UCLA’s Department of Special Collections unveiled a new searchable website that houses 5,100 hi-res images from the archives of the LA Times and the original Los Angeles Daily News. Most of these images haven’t been seen since they were originally published in the newspapers. I was curious if there were any animation related photos among the collection and I’ve posted my finds below. Bear in mind that the entire archive consists of 3 million photos so the images online represent only a tiny fraction of the collection.

The animation and cartoon-related photos include images of Carl Urbano, Bill Peet, Gus Arriola, Matt Groening, June Foray, Phil Interlandi, Hank Ketcham, a couple Ward Kimball pics (1, 2), some nice shots from the Disney strike of ’41 (1, 2), a few Walt Disney photos I’d never seen before (1, 2, 3), and a Snow White float from the 1938 Rose Parade.

(via LA Observed)