What JibJab Could Teach TV What JibJab Could Teach TV

What JibJab Could Teach TV

I’ve never understood the thinking of some people who try to create a hit video online so they can get a TV deal. If you’ve already created something popular online and have established a dedicated audience, then why do you even need TV? Of course, saying this is muching easier than actually doing it. TV is proven and established; the online world is still frightening and largely unexplored as a business model.

But even today there are some people who believe strongly enough in online possibilities that they’re bypassing TV deals in favor of developing their online brand. One prominent example is the animation studio and entertainment portal JibJab, run by brothers Gregg and Evan Spiridellis. In this new interview with Gregg Spiridellis, he offers some worthwhile insights into how JibJab is developing its online brand, and doing so without relying on the corporate world of television. It’s a thought-provoking read which makes one realize that there are even bigger and better opportunities awaiting animation creators online than in the once-dominant TV industry.