Netflix announced today Love, Death & Robots, an animated anthology series presented by Fight Club and Gone Girl director David Fincher and Deadpool director and Blur Studios co-founder Tim Miller.

The series is a collection of short stories that span the science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comedy genres, each produced in a unique animation style, including both drawn and cg approaches. The adult-oriented films range in length from 5-15 minutes, with the total series runtime clocking in at 185 minutes.

Love, Death & Robots is my dream project,” says Miller, who co-founded vfx/animation studio Blur in 1995. “It combines my love of animation and amazing stories. Midnight movies, comics, books and magazines of fantastic fiction have inspired me for decades, but they were relegated to the fringe culture of geeks and nerds of which I was a part. I’m so fucking excited that the creative landscape has finally changed enough for adult-themed animation to become part of a larger cultural conversation.”

Eighteen shorts were created for the the series, with studios and directors all over the globe handling the productions. The studios involved haven’t been announced yet.

Netflix says that the story concepts include “sentient dairy products, werewolf soldiers, robots gone wild, garbage monsters, cyborg bounty hunters, alien spiders, and blood-thirsty demons from hell in an orgy of *NSFM (not suitable for mainstream) shorts…each film is painstakingly crafted, charged with a mix of energy, action, and unapologetic dark humor.”

The series is executive produced by David Fincher, Tim Miller, Jennifer Miller, and Josh Donen. The overall production is led by Blur Studio.

A lot of the attention on Netflix’s animation slate in recent months has focused on its burgeoning efforts in the family-friendly and all-ages space, but with today’s announcement, the streamer reaffirms that it is also focused on Western adult animation. Its line-up already includes mature series like Bojack Horseman and Big Mouth.

Below you’ll find a preview of stills from the shorts in the upcoming Love Death & Robots anthology:

"Love, Death & Robots." "Love, Death & Robots." "Love, Death & Robots." "Love, Death & Robots."