Golden Globes Change Their Animation Rules

The Golden Globes, awarded annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., has revised its rules for the animated feature category. The winner of the category has gone on to win the Oscar in six of the last seven years.

Mexican Mo-Cap Feature ‘JOYFLUID’ Opens This Friday

The animated feature “JOYFLUID” opens in a limited number of IMAX 3D theaters in Mexico this Friday. The Mexio City-produced motion capture animated film was directed by Alejandro Rodriguez Huerta and made by the Rodriguez Brothers Animation Group.

‘Lord of the Rings’ Animation Supervisor Randall William Cook Speaks Out On Andy Serkis

Our post on Andy Serkis’s inflammatory rhetoric about the limited role of animators on his motion capture performances generated a robust, often heated, discussion in the comments. By far, the most informative comment was provided by 3-time Oscar winner Randall William Cook, who was the animation supervisor and designer at WETA on the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy that was released between 2001 and 2003.

Andy Serkis Does Everything, Animators Do Nothing, Says Andy Serkis

In his never-ending quest to be recognized as a serious thespian, character actor Andy Serkis continues to minimize the role of the animators who make his performances possible. With each interview he gives, Serkis seems to do more and more of the work, and the animators less and less. About the only thing Serkis doesn’t do at this point is build his own motion capture rigs and provide his own craft services.

“Tarzan” Mo-Cap 3D trailer

Continuing our series of trailers for those who think The Croods isn’t living up to their expectations… Submitted for your approval, …

The Latest Developments in Motion Capture

Michael Bay, Jon Favreau, Ray Liotta, Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel all participate in this Funny or Die video about the latest developments …

“Tom the Dancing Bug” on Mo-Cap

“Billy Dare” gets a mysterious note from “Zmekberg” to meet him in the Uncanny Valley. The latest installment of Ruben Bolling’s comic …

New International “Tintin” trailer

Spielberg says its “animation”. The Academy says it isn’t. I say the characters are creepy looking – but it feels like a fun …

First Look: “The Adventures of Tintin”

Our first glimpse of Spielberg’s (and Jackson’s) mo-cap Tintin movie. They are still afraid to show us their faces – and I’m still not …