Platige Image Mocap Studio Platige Image Mocap Studio

Polish CG animation and vfx studio Platige Image has launched a new motion capture studio that will be used for recording segments of cinematics, cut scenes, in-game animation, and animated features.

The studio says the new facility will help facilitate a major increase in its production output. Platige already boasts an impressive resume handling cg work for companies such as Netflix, Epic Games, Ubisoft, EA, Tencent, and Sega. The studio has worked on some of the most important global gaming and animation franchises such as Love, Death + Robots; Resident Evil; The Witcher; Call of Duty; and Warhammer.

Platige launched the new studio with a brief hype video which gives an idea of the facility’s impressive scale.

Here’s what we know about the new motion capture facility:

  • The new mocap studio boasts a considerable size of around 2,800 square feet, with 26-foot ceilings. Those dimensions will allow for the realization of scenes including up to 12 actors at once for body performance or four actors in the case of full performance including body, face, and finger capture.
  • The studio has been outfitted with four wireless video references with autofocus, stabilization, and a focal range of 25 to 380mm, which also serve as virtual cameras with full focal shift synchronization between the reference and virtual cameras.
  • Elżbieta Trosińska, mocap producer at Platige Image, explained: “In the new studio, we will realize both recordings for our internal projects, made exclusively in Platige, such as cinematics, scenes cut, in-game animations, as well as fully mocap projects, i.e. when only the movements of characters and actors are recorded, which will be delivered to clients in the form of raw or scrubbed session data.”
  • Platige CEO Karol Żbikowski added: “The launch of the motion capture studio is part of our strategy for 2021-2025, including production of our own video games, films, and series. Thanks to an even stronger technological base we will efficiently implement external projects from our pipeline and significantly improve our creative processes in productions which are underway which Platige studio is currently working on.”

Jamie Lang

Jamie Lang is the Editor-in-Chief of Cartoon Brew.