The Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles, in conjunction with Warner Bros., has opened the new pop-up exhibition “The Get Animated Invasion,” celebrating the music of Warner Bros. animation films and television shows.

The exhibit includes everything from classic Looney Tunes through the upcoming Warner Animation Group film Smallfoot, which opens in theaters next month. The Tom & Jerry MGM shorts and Hanna-Barbera tv characters like Scooby-Doo and The Flintstones are also included in the exhibit, since Warner Bros. owns those characters.

The exhibition is made up of nine interactive spaces, five of which are designed in partnership with artists and designers who have created homages to select musical elements of Warner Bros. cartoons. Memorabilia, artwork, and film clips are also displayed alongside the interactive exhibits.

The first Get Animated Invasion pop-up was presented last fall in Manhattan during the New York Comic Con, though that exhibit was not music-related, and appears to be significantly different from this new exhibit.

“We have created an innovative experience within the Grammy that truly captures the rich history and pop-culture appeal of our most treasured animated stories,” said Maryellen Zarakas, senior vice president of franchise management and marketing for Warner Bros. Consumer Product. “The integration of music, art, and storytelling infused with the kinetic energy of our characters will captivate today’s generation of Warner Bros. animation fans and music enthusiasts.”

Adds Scott Goldman, Grammy Museum artistic director: “Whether you know the cartoons by heart or will experience them for the first time through this interactive exhibit, this is a fresh new music-first experience for all.”

Here are the official descriptions of all the different components that make up the exhibit at the Grammy Museum:

  • Looney Tunes will feature interpretations of three classical music-driven episodes: What’s Opera Doc?, Rabbit of Seville, and Long-Haired Hare.Get Animated Invasion at Grammy Museum.
  • Scooby-Doo is inspired by the sounds of the ’60s and ’70s and will include a psychedelic stage experience in collaboration with artist Sam Taylor to celebrate the music heard on the series.Get Animated Invasion at Grammy Museum.
  • Space Jam will pay homage to ’90s R&B inspired by its iconic soundtrack as well as the ultimate Monstars vs. Tunesquad showdown from the film. Artist Joshua Vides reinterprets the 2-D world with a galactic half-court space in his signature style.Get Animated Invasion at Grammy Museum.
  • Animaniacs will highlight notable tongue-twisting and wacky songs from the show through an interactive karaoke booth designed by artist duo Confetti System.
  • Smallfoot will immerse visitors in a winter escape inspired by the September 28th feature release; and featuring new music written by Wayne Kirkpatrick and Karey Kirkpatrick and performed by Tatum, Common, and Zendaya, along with a new song from Niall Horan. Fine artist Crystal Wagner brings her signature larger-than-life structure work into the space to create a snowy dome-like environment reflecting the story’s beautiful mountain setting.Get Animated Invasion at Grammy Museum.
  • Tom and Jerry is known for its classical compositions. To bring a modern and interactive element to the genre, guests will have the opportunity to dive into the episodes and celebrate the musical moments with a private experience.Get Animated Invasion at Grammy Museum.
  • The Flintstones will showcase a reinterpreted stone age-inspired instrument from the series and guests will be able to physically play the instrument as well.
  • The Jetsons brings the experience into Judy Jetson’s bedroom and her love of music and teenage heartthrob jet screamer. The mid-century meets futuristic aesthetic is curated by creator Amelia Muqbel to help bring the ultimate fan-girl world to life. Get Animated Invasion at Grammy Museum.
  • Get Animated records will celebrate all the musical elements across our highlighted animations with our own take of a get animated record shop with re-imagined vinyl artwork inspired by our characters.

The exhibit started this weekend and will run through September 9. For info on tickets and exhibit hours, visit the museum’s website.

Get Animated Invasion at Grammy Museum.

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