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Artist of the Day: Chad VanGaalen

Chad VanGaalen

Chad VanGaalen is a Canadian artist and musician who records music under his own name primarily and additionally as Black Mold.

Chad VanGaalen

Much of his music is multi-track recorded with himself performing on multiple instruments, circuit-bent synthesizers and vocals. His animation work often is composed of continuously morphing, intricately formed loops that he draws both digitally and traditionally. Naturally he animates music videos for his own tracks and several for other bands as well.

Chad VanGaalen

Websites with Chad’s music and some tracks to sample are here and on Sub Pop.

“Metal Spiderwebs” video for Black Mold:

“Fuck eBay” video for Black Mold:

Spend some time with Chad VanGaalen via this ‘video zine’ produced by Lifetime Collective (which incidentally has other animation connections as well):

Here is a playlist of two music videos that Chad animated for others, first track by J. Mascis, the second by Love as Laughter: