This is an uber-cute, beautifully designed kids music video starring “Huggtopus”, a Kimochis character. Kimochis are “Toys with feelings inside”, a plush doll line created by Nina Rappaport Rowan. Directed by Rowan with Gordon Clark; Daniel Peixe did the rough animation of the characters, following Gordon Clark and Mike Overbeck story boards. Zach Gill wrote and performed a the song.

Art director Santiago Agusti wrote to tell us:

I’m from Spain (and living in Spain) and animator Dani Peixe is now living in L.A. and working at Disney. Once I had the roughs on my hands, I did the clean-ups, added colors, some extra animation, types, compositing and vfx there. All the other people who appear on the credits are from the U.S., mainly The Bay Area. I`m doing some art direction for them, as well as animation, mini comics which come with the Plush Toy Box, iphone games, etc. Here is a 7-second video where I put animation on real footage, playing with my kid.