Norah Jones Video: Sinkin’ Soon Norah Jones Video: Sinkin’ Soon
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Norah Jones Video: Sinkin’ Soon

Sinkin' Soon

Is it just me or is there more innovative stop-motion work being produced today than at any time in recent memory? To follow-up on the post below, here’s an excellent piece of computer-manipulated stop-motion, live action and puppeteering. This new Norah Jones music video, “Sinkin’ Soon,” is directed by Ace Norton. Watch it at (go to the “Media” section, click on the TV screen, and then click on the “Sinkin’ Soon” title).

I really dug the raw visual vibe, and the immediacy and energy of the animation. Ben Zelkowicz, the supervising animator on the video, shares a few behind-the-scene details about its making:

It was a pretty crazy shoot – most of the animation was being shot on the same stage simultaneously with the live action, so lights were constantly getting tripped over, tables bumped, etc. as we (myself and Tennessee Reid Norton did most of the animation) tried to pump out the vast amounts of footage the director Ace Norton wanted. But I like the lo-fi aesthetic, all found objects, shooting several angles at once, as fast as humanly possible. I am particularly fond of the Svankmajer-esque screw guy playing the trumpet shot I did.

Animator TR Norton also has a few photos from the production posted on his blog.