A Great Day In Iceland A Great Day In Iceland

The Brewmasters – Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi – would like to thank Ken Pontac for being our “Guest Brewer” the last couple months and delighting us, and other readers, with tales from his animated sojourn to Iceland. You can see the results of his trip on Nick’s TV series LAZYTOWN. This will be Ken’s last entry on the Brew. We’ll be joined by a new guest blogger on November 1. Thanks, Ken!

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

The Sunday pub tour with Thorir was fantastic (the parts that I remember, anyway). I was somewhat negligent in taking pictures or writing down the names of any of the places we went, but here are a couple of images that I probably took, because they were in my camera:

I remember a few things about that night:

> I ate three hot dogs, a slice of pizza, and a big old sandwich.

> I won a jackpot in a slot machine.

>I killed many Vikings.

After drinking until 4AM, the next day was pretty much a waste. I have no recollection or documentation of Monday at all. I was probably in an embarrassing stupor or some such thing.

That brings us to today, when I stepped outside my door to go to the little cafe that’s my home away from home, and while walking down the street saw a woman so remarkable-looking that I was compelled to take her photograph. One thing led to the next and soon she was joining me for a chat and a groove in the little cafe. It turned out that this formidable Amazon was Andrulla Blanchette, Ms. Olympia 2000. We chewed the fat for half an hour, then Andrulla had to hop on a plane to her next She-Hulk-style adventure.

Later that morning I enjoyed a ninety-minute soak and massage at the Nordica Hotel Spa, then cabbed it back to the hot dog stand to undo any of the medicinal benefits of that experience. This was followed with a quick nap and some intense LAZYTOWN writing, all washed down with a delicious dinner of Icelandic sushi (no whale or baby seal included). A few hours later I hooked up with Thorir at Club Nasty to listen to Long John Baldry. The place was packed, but we snagged a corner by the bar where I was able to buy drinks and shoot some great bootleg video of the legendary bluesman. This was the best day in Iceland ever! – Ken Pontac


Jerry Beck