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Richard Private: Private DickStop motion veteran Tennessee Reid Norton has started a plog (production blog) documenting the making of his indie stopmo short RICHARD PRIVATE: THE PRIVATE DICK. Norton described the project in one of his recent entries:

This Dick is a hardboiled detective cut from the same bolt as any self-respecting character created by Chandler, Capote or Spillane. He likes his women like he likes his drinks – hard. His stories are set in 1940’ish Los Angeles. The lighting is black and white Noir inspired. And Richard is well … a dick! It’s your basic big dick trying to navigate his way through the human world while solving mysteries serial.

Goofy subject matter aside, the plog is a good read with plenty of solid details about the film’s production. T-Reid also talks about another recent project he worked on, the full-length stop-motion feature DISASTER! THE MOVIE, directed by Roy T. Wood. The film, which recently wrapped, is being billed as the first R-rated stop-motion feature.

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