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aesopsfablesdvd.jpgI usually wait until someone sends me a free copy of something before I plug it – but this new release from Thunderbean Animation looks so good, I gotta help spread the word now – before I’ve actually seen it.This collection of 16 Aesops Fables from the Van Bueren studio has just been released. Many prints here are from rare original 35mm nitrate material, with original title cards restored and/or reconstructed. Titles include: Happy Polo (reissue with sound of ‘Polo Match’ 1929), Summertime (’29),The Iron Man (1930),The Haunted Ship (1930),Noah Knew his Ark (1930), A Romeo Robin (1930), Hot Tamale (1930), Gypped in Egypt (1930), Makin’ ’em Move (1931),The Family Shoe (1931), The Cat’s Canary (1932), Toy Time (aka Toyland Adventure) (1932), The Farmerette (1932), Chinese Jinks (1932) and Silvery Moon (aka Candy Town) (1933). Bonus Features include still galleries, original posters/ publicity materials, original title cards and much more.Thunderbean’s previous POPEYE and FELIX sets are superb – so based on their reputation, the price ($14.95 on and this list of contents, I highly recommend this dvd collection.