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Welldone FilmesWhat did Dominique Monfery, the French director of the short film DESTINO, do after Disney shuttered its French animation studio (Disney de Montreuil) in fall 2003? Monfery and fellow ex-Disney artists opened up their own animation studio outside of Paris called Welldone. The goal of the studio is to produce feature-length animated features. There’s a couple tantalizing images of one of their in-development projects in this AnimeLand article. The artwork seems to be a fresh combination of hand drawn and CG techniques. For those that speak French, there’s also an interview with Monfery about his plans for the studio. Welldone however isn’t the only studio that formed in the aftermath of Disney’s French animation collapse. Néomis is another outfit now up and running which is composed of nearly two dozen ex-Disney de Montreuil staffers. There’s also an article (in French again) about this studio HERE. Both of these studios are brimming with talent and potential, and now that the artists don’t have to work on tripe like THE EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE and TARZAN, the sky is truly the limit. (Thanks to Gérald for the links).

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