Another 50s book update Another 50s book update
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Another 50s book update


Pardon my long silence. Deadlines aplenty. I’m happy to report that all the text for my 50s animation design book is now finished. The pressure of this book has hardly subsided; there are now impending deadlines for images, text revisions and pressing non-book matters (like a little thing called ANIMATION BLAST #9 that I’m itching to finish up and have sent to the printer). It’s interesting to note that there is now nearly three times as much text in the book as originally intended. There is so little information available about most designers from that period that it seemed like a disservice to print an artist’s work without offering proper biographic details and a discussion of their specific contributions to animation design. It’s going to be a huge challenge fitting in all of this text with the images, and not ending up with something that looks like a Chip Kidd book design, but I’m confident that my designer will come up with a classy solution.