Arthur De Pins Arthur De Pins

Arthur de PinsHere’s a name to start watching closely. I mentioned in my Annecy Festival report a few weeks back that De Pins’ funny and stylish black-and-white short THE CRAB REVOLUTION had won the Audience Prize at Annecy. Then a couple days ago at the Cartoon Retro forum, somebody posted a link to samples of Arthur’s magazine illustrations and Flash animation which made me an even bigger fan of his work. And now, the cherry on top is that I just realized he also made the student film GERALDINE, which I’d rather enjoyed when I first saw it a few years ago. At the Metronomic Productions website, you can watch GERALDINE, THE CRAB REVOLUTION and a third terrific short (produced in Flash) that De Pins recently directed called L’EAU DE ROSES. Click on the “Shorts” category to access the films.

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