BILL LIEBOWITZ (1941-2004) BILL LIEBOWITZ (1941-2004)
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BILL LIEBOWITZ (1941-2004)

goldenapple.jpgThe Los Angeles comics and animation scene lost a big man today – Bill Liebowitz, owner of Golden Apple Comics passed away this morning from a heart attack.This is sad news indeed. When I first arrived in L.A. in 1986, I asked a friend where the best comic book store was. I was told Golden Apple, and set out to find it. I met Bill behind the counter on my very first visit. He welcomed me to L.A. as one ex-New Yorker to another. I think I’ve seen Bill almost every week since that time. I happen to live a block away from the store at the present time.Bill always reminded me of Phil Sueling, the New York comic book impresario, whom I had also known. Bigger than life, big hearted, open minded and forward thinking. Bill always greeted me with a nickname, “Mr. Animation”, because he knew of my interest in said genre. When I started Streamline Pictures, Bill supported our efforts and was the first to order, and in large quanity, our anime videos. Bill always displayed my books and we did several book signings. In fact, I’m currently doing some lectures locally, this month, due to Bill, and I’ve been helping him arrange an IRON GIANT reunion dvd signing event (Nov. 20th). I was very proud when Bill’s store (and wife Sharon) were featured in the movie FREE ENTERPRISE.I’m still in shock over this news… Check out Golden Apple this week, either in person or on-line – it’ll always be a great store, but it won’t be the same.

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