Book Review: the ARt of robots Book Review: the ARt of robots
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Book Review: the ARt of robots

Art of RobotsThe only thing I enjoy more than plugging the work of animation artists is plugging my own work, so with that in mind, let me direct you to a positive review of THE ART OF ROBOTS posted at Derek McCaw writes:

Sure, it’s a given that these coffee table books will show up as tie-ins, but this effort by Amid Amidi (with a preface by Joyce and foreword by Wedge) does a better job than earlier efforts from Chronicle at really taking us into the process of designing an animated film…One of the advantages that this book has over previous efforts lies in a greater access to detail. The layout on some pages draws clear lines between inspiration and final product, highlighting specific elements on a character or a building. A few illustrations also have detailed color “callouts,” guides for the animators that provide another way in to the creative process.

In the end, The Art of Robots makes a satisfying book to flip through, and stands firmly with Chronicle’s growing library of movie art books. Whether you end up liking the movie or not is almost beside the point.