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mccaybook.jpgJohn Canemaker’s Winsor McCay – His Life and Art, his 1987 biography of the great newspaper cartoonist and pioneer animator, will be published again in October by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. in a revised and expanded edition. The original tome, long out-of-print, is one of the most valuable – and entertaining – animation histories on my bookshelf. This new edition has me salivating.The revised edition is now 272 pages – 48 more pages than the old edition – and filled with never-before published photos, artwork and research. New material includes:

&#149 Never-before published pages from McCay’s private animation production notebook revealing the filmmaker’s ideas for timing and visualizations in “Gertie the Dinosaur” (1914), “Lusitania,” and “Flip’s Circus” (c. 1921).&#149Rare concept art by McCay for a second film starring Gertie the Dinosaur.&#149New documentation of McCay’s early career, including the Wonderland and Eden Musee in Detroit, where he sold his first cartoons.&#149 McCay’s professional relationship and longtime personal friendship with cartoonist Apthorp “Ap” Adams, one of his two assistants on the monumental animated epic “The Sinking of the Lusitania” (1918).&#149 Full-page reproduction of a 1907 New York Herald showcasing eight top comic strip cartoonists and illustratorm including McCay, and their art.&#149 A complete Winsor McCay Chronology, and extensive additions to the Notes and Bibliography sections.&#149 Many rarely seen photos and drawings from private collections.&#149 A new cover, book design and page layout.

The book retails for $40.00, but I recommend you pre-order it on for $29.70.