<strike>Cartoon</strike> Network Exhibit Of… Cartoons <strike>Cartoon</strike> Network Exhibit Of… Cartoons
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Cartoon Network Exhibit Of… Cartoons


Spotlighting talent from Cartoon Network’s local team of designers, animators, graphic artists and, according to the press release, “producers and writers,” the Museum of Design Atlanta will present an exhibition, Design at Play: The High Design and Low-Brow Humor of Cartoon Network opening on February 1st. The exhibit will include samples of print advertising and marketing materials, billboard executions, premium design, on-air spots, Web sites and online games.Artist Stephanie Gladden tells us:

This exhibition shows off the talents of the designers and illustrators from Cartoon Network Atlanta. The displays will include posters, premiums, and some CN Studios production art. Also I’m hyping it ‘cuz my fellow illustrators and I are gonna paint cartoons on the walls!

The installation runs through May 19 at the museum’s downtown facilities at 285 Peachtree Center Avenue. More information here.