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tomjerrydvd.jpgHere’s how it works – Each day I have two prizes. I will ask one simple question. The first two people with correct answers (or what I think is the correct answer) to hit my email-box win.Today’s prize is: THE TOM & JERRY SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION. Today, both winners will get this dvd. Today’s question was provided by my Uncle Wayne:

Mel Blanc did voices for all the Hollywood cartoon studios, except one – or did he? How many Disney films did Mel Blanc work on?

The Contest is now OVER. The winners were Greg Laughland and Eric Wilson. The answer: One – In Pinocchio he recorded for Gideon the cat, but his part was cut down to a hiccup before its release.Brew reader “Herekittykitty” sent in an answer, which is technically correct, but not what I was thinking: Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I’m going to send this reader a special “no-prize” for her answer – a LOONEY TUNES Ultimate Sticker Book.