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contestdvds.jpgDASTARDLEY AND MUTTLEY IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES and THE PERILS OF PENELOPE PITSTOP contained the work of some of the greatest talents in animation. In addition to stories by Michael Maltese, direction by Charles Nichols and designs by Iwao Takamoto, the voice casts were loaded with our favorites – Paul Winchell (Dastardley), Janet Waldo (Penelope), Don Messick (Muttley), and Mel Blanc (as various recurring gangsters).Today’s Question was: On The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop what part did voice actor Gary Owens enact in each episode? The answer was “the narrator”.Our winners today recieved either the DASTARDLEY dvd set (1st place winner Ben Radcliffe) or the PITSTOP complete dvd collection (2nd Place champ Mark Ayala).Thanks to everyone who entered our contests the past few days. Stay tuned, more cartoon competitions to come!