Old Brew


This morning we held a trivia contest in which the first five winners (Marc Crisafulli, Joe Queen, Chad Erekson and Jay Smith and Josh Cooley) got a copy of Shout Factory’s new dvd compilation SPIKE & MIKE’S CUTTING EDGE CLASSICS. The question:

What was the name of the first CGI short film from Pixar, directed by John Lasseter?

However, the answer I was looking for, THE ADVENTURES OF ANDRE AND WALLY B (1984), was wrong.Brew reader Patrick Toifl pointed out to me that ANDRE AND WALLY B. was actually directed by Alvy Ray Smith. John Lasseter did character design and animation. You’d think I’d know that. Patrick will get a special prize for correcting me…And I’ll make it up to you all with another contest real soon.