Dali and Disney in PRINT Dali and Disney in PRINT
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Dali and Disney in PRINT

DESTINOThe new issue of PRINT (Sept/Oct) has a good piece by John Canemaker about the legendary collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dali on the short film DESTINO. He explores the history of the project and how it ultimately led to the 2003 version directed by Dominique Monfery. Canemaker also offers the following food for thought:

The making of DESTINO is a reminder of how daring Walt Disney was in initiating and exploring this film, which is so unlike any he ever produced. It also underlines how comparatively timid today’s mainstream animation producers are, and how animation’s unlimited potential for expression remains restricted to children’s fare.

This issue of PRINT also has a piece on the young Kansas City motion graphics/animation studio MK12 (their A HISTORY OF AMERICA short looks promising) as well as a profile of JibJab’s Gregg and Evan Spiridellis, the duo behind the cult Flash cartoon of 2004, THIS LAND.