DANGERFIELD (1921-2004) DANGERFIELD (1921-2004)
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DANGERFIELD (1921-2004)

roverd.jpgOne of my favorite comedians Rodney Dangerfield passed away today.I am a big fan of his work in several comedies, particularly THE PROJECTIONIST (1971) in which he played an unscrupulous movie theatre manager who would turn down the air conditioning and put extra salt in the popcorn just to sell a few more ice cold Cokes.Of course, the reason we mention him here is his starring role as ROVER DANGERFIELD (1991), a nice little animated feature from Hyperion Studios. It was originally planned to be an R-rated cartoon with lots of Las Vegas humor, but the producers and studio got cold feet and it became another bland G-rated family film. Of course, Rodney was one of its producers, it’s screenwriter and he co-wrote several songs in it. It’s worth a look, especially if your a fan of Rodney’s. The film, and Rodney, had my respect.