Deja in Der Spiegel Deja in Der Spiegel
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Deja in Der Spiegel

Der SpiegelThere’s an interview with Andreas Deja in this week’s edition of the German magazine DER SPIEGEL. The 4-page piece is included in the magazine’s cultural supplement and is mostly BAMBI-related, owing to the BAMBI direct-to-video sequel that Deja has been involved in for the past year. Deja speaks of his respect for the original film (“The classic Bambi is so well done, it gives me goosepimples.”) and discusses the subtle changes that they had to make to Bambi’s character in the new direct-to-video version. “We had to change him, in order to keep him the same,” says Deja. The changes, intended to make Bambi more accessible for today’s kids, included creating new expressions for the character and having him speak more than the classic Bambi. Deja also mentions that there’s a hint in WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? that Judge Doom killed Bambi’s mother. (Thanks, Harald)

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