Devin Crane Art Show in LA Devin Crane Art Show in LA
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Devin Crane Art Show in LA

Devin Crane

Devin Crane, currently a vis dev artist at DreamWorks Feature Animation, is having a one-man show at Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight (7020 Melrose Ave., corner of Melrose & La Brea). The show is called “Illusion Factory: Fairy Tales from Hollywood” and the idea behind the paintings is to “reinvent traditional fairy tales and classic book titles, while commenting on the superficiality and shallowness of modern day Hollywood.” I’m not familiar with Devin’s work, but if the rest of his paintings are as cool as the “Snow Queen” one they’re using to promote the show, then it should be worth checking out. Opening reception is this Sunday, October 9, from 6-9pm. The show only runs for one week, closing on October 16, so you better drop by quick. More details at
(Thanks, Jon Gibson)