Disney/Dahl Gremlins Are Here Disney/Dahl Gremlins Are Here
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Disney/Dahl Gremlins Are Here

Walt Disney's Gremlins

We mentioned this quite a while back and now it’s finally available: the Dark Horse re-release of Disney’s ultra-rare 1943 children’s book THE GREMLINS, written by Roald Dahl, can be picked up on Amazon for a little over $10. The book has cover art by Mary Blair, interior illustrations by Bill Justice and Al Dempster, and a new introduction by Leonard Maltin, who discusses the history of the book and the unproduced GREMLINS animated feature that Disney was planning to make in the 1940s.

There’s a 13-page preview of the book at the Dark Horse website, as well as an interview with the people involved in this revival. This re-release is also accompanied by new GREMLINS toys (which are previewed in the interview) and a limited 3-issue comic series.

(Thanks, Jason Vanderhill)