Disney/Pixar News Roundup, Pt. II Disney/Pixar News Roundup, Pt. II
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Disney/Pixar News Roundup, Pt. II

Lasseter by Ronnie del Carmen

The NY TIMES reports that Disney may announce their acquisition of Pixar as early as tomorrow. According to the TIMES, “the deal would combine Pixar with Disney’s animation unit and give Mr. Jobs a seat on Disney’s board.”

Meanwhile the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER says that today, Disney renamed its corporate building (the one with the dwarf pillars) to “Team Disney: Michael D. Eisner Building.” Buildings are usually named after dead people, and if this Pixar deal goes through, Eisner will hopefully be as good as dead in the company’s future.

“Will great big Disney destroy little Pixar?”: A pretty self-explanatory piece at Reuters.

Finally, a warning from CNN: everything about the Pixar deal is fine, except that Lasseter is unfit to take over Disney Feature Animation because “supposedly he’s spending a lot of time and energy these days on his vineyard.” Whew, I’m glad we found that out before the deal went through.

The great caricature of John Lasseter at the top of this post is by Pixar’s Ronnie del Carmen.