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There’s something I don’t understand, and probably never will understand, about DreamWorks Animation. With so many incredibly talented artists working under one roof, how can the studio’s films be so visually dull and devoid of artistic ambition? If these guys can create art, why does Katzenberg insist on hiding it beneath over-rendered fur and realistic grass textures, and marring their work with incompetent celebrity voices, fart jokes and every storytelling cliche in the book. While I’ve yet to enjoy a DreamWorks animated film, I’m certainly enjoying all these new blogs by the studio’s artists…and at the same time wondering how the hell a film that looks like THIS could be made by such an amazing group of individuals.

Patrick MateInsert Name Here: A group blog comprised of four DreamWorks animators (Fabio Lignini, Arnaud Berthier, Jakob Jensen, Simon Otto) and one animator at Sony Imageworks, Luis GraneGabriele PennacchioliAlessandro Carloni